Price Guide

What you want to pay for an answer to a question is completely up to you!

If the amount tended for advice is grossly low the lawyer will advise an extra contribution may be required.

You will always be given a free clarification question if you do not understand the advice given. Remember time is money, and our lawyers will work to save both for you at every turn.

A HELPFUL HINT is to be very concise in the question you are asking.

The following is a guide to assist (remember this is just a guide, what you pay is up to you!):

A simple Question with no supporting documents. A free clarification question is available if you are not clear on the advice given.
A question with a supporting document to consider and analyse. Price varies depending on the complexity of the document to be reviewed. You decide!

A full advice as to your migration prospects.

You will need to upload a copy of your CV/Resume for Skilled or Employer sponsored visas. For all other visas please provide full details when asking your question.

Settlement of your application with a review of your draft application and supporting documents. Your expert will provide a written advice with suggested amendments for you to action before filing. You will be required to share you draft application with the TFA Immi Account and you will need to upload all key supporting documents to the TFA portal.


Migration Kits – Remember DIY Migration kits are available in our store. These kits have been developed over 20 years of migration practice to give you the best prospects of success. Lots of helpful hints to get the fastest possible outcome.

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