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A little about us
We Give Users Access To Quality Migration Advice.
At its core, Time For Advice is about Ethics and Access for everyone.
Lawyers do not automatically get access to our platform as experts and they are thoroughly vetted before using TFA.

TFA is available 24/7 every day of the year with experts available around the clock to assist you with your migration goal. Access advice and resources prepared by industry professionals who demonstrate a commitment to ethical conduct and professionalism.

Kenneth Hunt
Immigration Lawyer
Our Idea
Ethics, Professionalism and Access
Due to poor service in the migration industry, unethical behaviour and a large number of clients now opting to complete their own visa applications, TFA was born in 2014.

Unfortunately, many visa applicants once they begin a process with a Migration Agent or Lawyer (registered or otherwise) they feel like they cannot change even when they do not believe they are receiving quality advice and assistance.

TFA offers an affordable way to break the cycle while keeping your migration goals on track. We are about empowering you to control your migration goals without having to part with thousands of dollars.
Our Strategy
Get Visa Assistance
TFA is about Ethics, Professionalism and Access to information for everyone. It is an online strategy developed to reach as many people of possible at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that they receive quality advice before parting with significant amounts of money with Migration advisors.

Most visa applications work on a square peg in a square hole principle. TFA allows clients to complete their own visa applications with assistance from migration professionals at a fraction of the cost of traditional services.

Even if using a migration agent or lawyer, TFA allows you to access experts to check the advice given to ensure you and your local migration professional are on the right track.
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About Time For Advice
Time for Advice is an online platform developed to reach people at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure they receive quality advice before parting with significant amounts of money at the hands of migration advisors. At Time for Advice, you can get budget-friendly, timely advice from experts with over 20 years of experience in Australian migration law.
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