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  • I have completed two Masters degrees in Australia and have credits from other study. How do I work out if I satisfy the two year study rule.

    Canada $20
  • Do documents need to be certified in Skilled Visa applications

    India $10
  • Am I eligible for an offshore partner visa and what documents do I have to supply.

    Lebanon $20
  • I had a car accident and need to go to Hospital but my visa is running out. Can I stay to have my operation?

    USA $20
  • How much money do I have to bring with me to Australia to apply for a 188 visa?

    China $20
  • Employer wants me to pay the SAF. Am I supposed to do this?

    Australia $10
  • Adopted my sisters daughter in India because my sister passed away. This was not done in a court. How do I get her a visa.

    India $40
  • I am applying for a 2 year 482 visa. What English level do I need. I am doing Pte

    Philippines $10

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