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• Employer Visas
$20 AUD

I am being sponsored on a 482 visa.  My employer has told me that I have to pay for the SAF Levy but I thought he would be paying this.  Can they make me pay it?

Thanks for your great question.  By law the employer is obligated to pay for the Skilling Australians Fund level.  This is considered a nomination cost and cannot be passed onto you.

• Appeals / Reviews
$30 AUD

I had a car accident and need to go to Hospital but my visa is running out. Can I stay to have my operation?

If you have time on your current visa then you can certainly seek treatment without any problems.  If you need more time you could apply for a medical treatment visa which can hold you here while you are seeking treatment.

• Appeals / Reviews
$15 AUD

I am applying for a 2 year 482 visa. What English level do I need. I am doing Pte

Academic overall test score of at least 36 with a score of at least 30 in each of the test components.

• Appeals / Reviews
$35 AUD

How do I get an 8503 waiver?

You apply online for the waiver on the Department of Home Affairs website.  You need to provide reasons why a waiver is required.  Currently with COVID showing you cannot travel as flights are limited or entry into your home country is prohibited is sufficient.  The Department will not consider the request until their is two months or less available on your current visa.

• Business Visas
$35 AUD

Employer wants me to pay the SAF. Am I supposed to do this?

Dear ..., Great to hear your relationship is going so well. To bridge the gap in geography it may be that you can rely on the Prospective Marriage visa which all...

• Family Visas
$50 AUD

Can my close family still enter Australia during the travel restrictions?

Exemptions are available for spouses and dependent children only.  You should apply for the exemption prior to travel.  If you family members hold a child or partner visa already then you do not need to apply for exemption.

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I have always managed my own visa applications, but as I got closer to permanent residency the applications got a little more complex.  I know how the system works but just needed a little guidance here and there.  I paid $20 for a answer to a question and a lawyer responded in 30 minutes.

Natali (Brisbane)

S Pearson

I had some previously criminal convictions from when I was very young, but they caused me to fail the character test.  I was given a notice to refuse.  I contact a lawyer from TFA who helped my with some complex submissions and the Department didn’t refuse.  I was quoted $2000.00 by one firm for assistance.  TFA cost me $50.00.

S Pearson (UK)

Gerald Beasley

Do not pay someone else to do your visa application for you.  Most of the work is just putting your data in questionnaires.  These guys quickly help with any questions you have along the way.  I have never had a problem getting a quick response to any issue.


Gerald (Perth)

Sarah Kurt

Did the whole partner visa by myself.  Paid $50 for a full advice from a TFA Lawyer and purchased a DIY Kit from the store.  The kit was great and I only had to ask two questions along the way.  Visa granted in 11 months.


Sarah (unknown)