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How (and why) lawyers participate in Time for Advice

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How lawyers participate in Time for Advice 
There are two sides to Time for Advice (TFA):

– Members of the public who are trying to make a visa application; and 
– The experts who navigate migration law to provide advice to members of the public.

For any lawyer, there is no automatic entitlement to participate in TFA. We prepare a complex examination which must be passed by all our practising lawyers. 

If a lawyer is on the TFA team, it’s because they possess the necessary knowledge of migration law and can recommend successful outcomes.

The lawyers at TFA have demonstrated a commitment to work through a vigorous entry process.

They must have proven their knowledge to us before we allow them to advise you.

Why would a lawyer participate in TFA?

Being an expert on our panel allows lawyers more freedom in their daily life than a traditional practice. The cost of administration, obtaining their own legal staff, and heavy paperwork is removed. 

Lawyers on TFA have the opportunity to utilise their migration law expertise whilst maintaining a positive life balance. 

Beyond knowledge, what technical equipment does a lawyer need to participate in TFA?

There’s never a need to overcomplicate the process. All TFA lawyers need beyond extensive experience and knowledge is a laptop and a solid internet connection. 

Is there a financial incentive to participate with TFA? 

The answer is simple – yes – there is a cost to receive advice from TFA. For any commercial activity to be viable there is a cost attached to the services provided.  

TFA believes in a fair cost for the advice provided. For example, as a senior migration lawyer with many years of experience, let’s say I answer questions for $20. The price of $20 seems fair to most. 

If I dedicate my days to solely providing advice and helping as many people as possible, I can make a very good income. 

The other rewards for participating in TFA are lifestyle and flexibility. 
There is the flexibility and choice to work in any location in the world, as all that is required from an equipment standpoint is a laptop and internet connection. 

The traditional legal environment is high stress. Being an expert on Time for Advice promotes life balance. Freedom of time encourages me to give more of my time and give back to the people that need it the most.
We otherwise look further to assisting those who cannot afford the payment and we believe the above allows us to continue to do so.

How (and why) lawyers participate in Time for Advice – By Ken Hunt

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