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Top 10 Reasons for Australian Permanent Residency

Australia is known worldwide as “the Lucky Country”, and it’s a magnet for migrants from many parts of the globe with dreams of making a better life for themselves and their families. As the land of opportunity, it has been actively promoted as a desirable and welcoming location for migration for many years. But before you board the big bird in the sky bound for Australia, you’ll need to consider your visa options, particularly if you intend to live, work, and study without limitations while making it your home. If this is how you envisage life in “OZ”, then applying for Australian Permanent Residency (“PR”) is likely to be a process you will need to go through. So, if you’re on the brink of applying for a PR visa, but you’ve still got some reservations about making the leap, let’s take a look why it could be the best move you’ll ever make. Here are our top ten reasons for getting Australian Permanent Residency:

  1. Freedom – As a permanent resident you will hold a permanent visa, which allows you to live in Australia indefinitely and enjoy the ability to exit and re-enter Australia as often as you wish without the fear of falling foul of immigration and border control. The gift of being able to travel freely is one often underestimated and taken for granted by those who have it.
  2. Quality of Life – Australians generally enjoy a high standard of living, and while there has recently been a reported 1.6% fall in household incomes of average Australians for the first time in many years, it is still true to say that Australians are relatively prosperous compared to those in other nations. Enjoying near full employment and record low interest rates, along with plenty of fresh air, low pollution, low population density, and superb natural landscapes, Australia is still seen by many as the “Land of Plenty”.
  3. Official Entitlements – As an eligible permanent resident (after a two-year qualifying period) you will be entitled to receive support payments for sickness, unemployment and student aid provided by Australia’s Department of Human Services (Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support). Medicare is an important healthcare benefit you will find particularly helpful, with access to free treatment at public hospitals and subsidized medicine.
  4. Superior Immigration System – The Australian government sets immigration intake numbers annually, and the policies are non-discriminatory, with applicants having to meet the same selection criteria. Currently, the Australian Government is focusing on migrants who can demonstrate they have the appropriate professional, trade or business skills to bring with them to Australia.
  5. Career Opportunities – Working in Australia becomes much easier with a Permanent Resident Visa. As a permanent resident you will no longer be tied to one employer and you can undertake any occupation of your choice in any location you desire. Plus, many industries in Australia experience skills shortages, which can’t be filled with local workers. So, highly skilled overseas workers are seen as desirable and necessary to fill such vacancies. As a result, opportunities exist in certain fields of expertise, including mining, tourism and hospitality, farming, horticulture, viticulture, service industries and health care. Another positive is that salaries are tipped to increase in 2018.
  6. World Class Education – Once you have permanent resident status in Australia, you also enjoy unlimited access to a wide variety of higher education options. In addition, there are also a number of student loans available to permanent residents only, which will assist in meeting the added financial burden associated with your study.
  7. Culture – Because of Australia’s rich history of immigration, it has become a melting pot of nationalities, cultures and religions. Australia is known for its acceptance and tolerance of those from all walks of life, with people from over 100 countries who now call Australia home, and by comparison, they do so in relative peace.
  8. Family – Permanent residents are in a position to sponsor relatives who may also wish to make a permanent move Down Under. While it is not a guarantee, and the applicant must meet a number of residence and support assurance pre-requisites, you will have a greater chance of successfully sponsoring relatives once you have received permanent residence status yourself.
  9. Children – Permanent residents who give birth in Australia provide their children with the ultimate gift, as they will be deemed Australian citizens by birth, which means they enjoy maximum benefits in the field of education and health care from the outset.
  10. Climate & Lifestyle – Many seek to leave behind the harsh climates of their homeland in search of more liveable cities, and this speaks to Australia’s hot summers and comparatively mild winters. Weather might seem a superficial reason for migrating, but a more habitable climate makes for a more active and healthier lifestyle. Add to this the Aussie proclivity for a better work/life balance, and it can be the key to a happier and more fulfilling life in general, and as a permanent resident you can tap into and embrace this new “no worries” attitude, where you’ll enjoy your weekends and holidays too.

These are just a few of the compelling reasons why people overseas increasingly consider Australia as their first choice when thinking about migrating to a new country and taking up permanent residency. So, if this sounds like an impossible dream, let us help work towards your ultimate ambition of making Australian permanent residency a reality.

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