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Time for Advice One Hour Priority Sessions

We know that some people have multiple questions, and sometimes all of those questions need answering ASAP. We are now offering one-hour-long advice sessions when you have time-sensitive questions that need answers. 

The Agent/Lawyers available for these sessions are Michelle and Ken Hunt, expert migration lawyers who have helped over 16,000 people gain Australian Visas in their 15 years running Hunt Migration. 
These sessions are capped at one hour and cost $100. We are happy to speak over Skype, Microsoft Teams or a phone call. 

Making an Appointment

  1. Go to and sign up (
  2. Go to the dashboard and in the ‘Type a new question here…’ field put – ‘Priority Appointment Requested’ with at least two available times for the appointment.  If you are requesting us to file a travel exemption put ‘Travel exemption application requested’.
  3. In the ‘Give some additional details..’ window please firstly advise how you would like to conduct the appointment (Skype, Microsoft Teams and telephone). Then give an outline of your circumstances for us to discuss during the appointment. If you are requesting a travel exemption do not put appointment times, but outline your circumstances that you believe warrant an exemption.  We will also need your proposed travel dates, address and contact details (email and telephone).
  4. In the ‘Drag file here..’ window, drag and drop any documents you would like reviewed and discussed during the appointment. For travel exemptions we will require visa grant notices or visa application acknowledgements, passports, itinerary and proof of address to be uploaded.  Any additional information will be requested through the portal.  (Important note:  Exemptions to enter require the applicant to have a valid visa or a visa application pending).
  1. Nominate a ‘Price’ of $100 and follow the subsequent prompts to complete.
  2. Nominate your visa category if known and submit by pressing ‘Ask Now’.

Once received we will confirm the appointment (you will receive a confirmation in the portal and a corresponding email). We will then send you a calendar invitation to the appointment and that time will be locked in. After the appointment, a written advice will be prepared and uploaded to your account in

For entry and exit exemptions we will confirm receipt and request further documents if needed through the portal. The transaction number for the exemption application will be uploaded in the portal when complete.

Time for Advice One Hour Priority Sessions – By Ken Hunt

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