Regional Sponsored Skilled Visa (Subclass 489)

This is a four year regional provisional visa which gives the applicant temporary immigration and residency.

This visa is designed to encourage migrants to live and work in regional areas of Australia where there are large skills shortages and significant numbers of job vacancies.

The visa requires sponsorship from an eligible relative living in a designated region of Australia or from a State or Territory Government.

This visa is points tested with 65 points required to be eligible as well as satisfying the standard conditions for immigration.  Extra points are given for sponsorship.

Points are awarded in the following categories:

  • Age
  • English Language
  • Australian and Overseas Work Experience
  • Australian Study
  • Qualifications
  • Community Language
  • Regional Australian Study
  • Spouse Skills
  • State or Family Sponsorship
  • Professional Year

This visa gives the applicant and his or her immediate family temporary residency and permanent residency once the conditions are satisfied (subject to application).

Once the applicant has lived for two years and worked full-time for one year in a specified regional area of Australia permanent residency is available.

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