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Latest updates on Relatives in Afghanistan, General Residency Requirement, and more…
Latest updates on Relatives in Afghanistan, General Residency Requirement, and more

Relatives in Afghanistan
The Australian government has ceased evacuation operations from Afghanistan.

The Department of Home Affairs allocates 13,750 spots to the humanitarian program each year. 3,000 of these have been allocated to those currently in Afghanistan and are at risk. The Department has undertaken to process these applications before the end of 2021 as a high priority.

At-risk groups include those from the HAZRA community, women and children at risk and those otherwise facing persecution.

3,000 places may seem like a lot, but the reality is that the demand will be far greater than the positions available.  Commence and submit an application at the earliest but do not dismiss other mainstream visa options.

A full report of the program and application processes can be found at

Citizenship – General Residency Requirement

We mentioned previously, that for the purpose of the general residency requirement for citizenship, absence from Australia are not considered absences if you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen.

To expand on this, your partner need not have been an Australian citizen for your periods of absence, but must be an Australian citizen when you make your citizenship application. You need to prove that you were in a de facto or in a married relationship with your partner during the periods of absence, and that your partner is a citizen at the time of lodging your citizenship application. This position was affirmed by the Federal Court.

Father’s Day

Happy father’s day to all the fathers for this Sunday. We hope you have a great day with your family. For all those fathers who are currently separated from their families and are seeking to re-unite with a partner visa or a child visa we are reducing our fees by $1000.00 (AUD) until 5pm this Sunday the 5th of September. 

If you have an inquiry please contact us at 1300 MY VISA and we can set up a free appointment accordingly.

Time for Advice One Hour Priority Sessions
We know that some people have multiple questions, and sometimes all of those questions need answering ASAP. We are now offering one hour long advice sessions when you have time sensitive questions that need answers.

The lawyers/agents available for these sessions are Michelle and Ken Hunt, expert migration agents/lawyers who have helped over 16,000 people gain Australian Visas in their 15 years running Hunt Migration.

These sessions are capped at one hour and cost $100. We are happy to speak over Skype, Microsoft Teams or a phone call.

Making an Appointment

– Go to and sign up (
– Go to the dashboard and in the ‘Type a new question here…’ field put – ‘Priority Appointment Requested’ with at least two available times for the appointment. If you are requesting us to file a travel exemption put ‘Travel exemption application requested’.
– In the ‘Give some additional details..’ window please firstly advise how you would like to conduct the appointment (Skype, Microsoft Teams and telephone). Then give an outline of your circumstances for us to discuss during the appointment. If you are requesting a travel exemption do not put appointment times, but outline your circumstances that you believe warrant an exemption.  We will also need your proposed travel dates, address and contact details (email and telephone).
– In the ‘Drag file here..’ window, drag and drop any documents you would like reviewed and discussed during the appointment. For travel exemptions we will require visa grant notices or visa application acknowledgments, passports, itinerary and proof of address to be uploaded.  Any additional information will be requested through the portal.  (Important note:  Exemptions to enter require the applicant to have a valid visa or a visa application pending).
– Nominate a ‘Price’ of $100 and follow the subsequent prompts to complete.
– Nominate your visa category if known and submit by pressing ‘Ask Now’.

Once received we will confirm the appointment (you will receive a confirmation in the portal and a corresponding email). We will then send you a calendar invitation to the appointment and that time will be locked in. After the appointment, a written advice will be prepared and uploaded to your account in

For entry and exit exemptions we will confirm receipt and request further documents if needed through the portal. The transaction number for the exemption application will be uploaded in the portal when complete.

To find out how easy it is to book a priority appointment on our website click on links below.
We otherwise look further to assisting those who cannot afford payment and we believe the above allows us to continue to do so.

Latest updates on Relatives in Afghanistan, General Residency Requirement and more – By Ken Hunt

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