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Is it worth using an Expert?

When you make the decision to apply for an Australian visa, the choice to use a migration agent to lodge your visa application or to do it yourself is a personal one. From start to finish, the migration process can be confusing and complicated, but is it really worth the additional cost of using a registered migration agent to handle your application?

Let’s take a closer look at why you should think seriously about using an expert migration agent to help with your visa application.

1. Expert Insight Can be the Key

The main advantage of using an Australian migration agent is that they know the country’s migration laws and procedures inside and out. They manage applications daily, which means they are familiar with all potential hurdles and can spot a mistake in your application with their eyes closed.

A migration agent will be your guide, providing support throughout the entire process. They will do everything within their professional power to make certain your application is a success by inspecting all documents and lodging the application on your behalf.

Engaging the services of an expert migration agent will ensure that your visa application is lodged correctly the first time. Our Experts allow you the best of both worlds. You can do it yourself and save thousands while also having a registered agent keep you pointed in the right direction.

2. Migration Rules Are Constantly Evolving

It’s necessary for agents to stay up-to-speed with any changes in legislation relating to visas. As anyone who applied for a 457 visa last year will know, a significant number of changes were introduced impacting both employers and applicants. Occupation shortage lists can also be altered overnight, meaning that one day you could be eligible for a visa, and the next you may not be so lucky.

Your agent will be across of all of these changes so you don’t have to waste your own precious time trying to do so.

3. Get it Right the First Time

If you make a critical error on your visa application not only could it result in rejection, it’s also possible you’ll be thousands of dollars out of pocket, because in most cases your application fee is non-refundable.

Many people who didn’t get it right the first time then turn to a migration agent for help to ensure their second application stands a better chance of success. Time and money could have been saved if they elected to use their services from the jump.

Having your visa application rejected can be a major hold back, and the process can be stressful enough, without having to go through it twice.

There may also be more significant ramifications such as:

  • Refusal on the basis of false or misleading information can result in a 10-year ban on visa approvals
  • Onshore refusal can result in a Section 48 bar – this would prevent you from lodging further visa applications from within Australia
  • Some visa applications must be lodged within a certain timeframe for you to be eligible – such as the Graduate Skilled Subclass 485 visa
  • Your age can be an important factor in many skilled visa types
  • If the migration rules change after you lodge, you may not be able to re-lodge your application
  • A capable migration agent will thoroughly comb your application before lodging it so that a simple error will not risk your immigration future.
4. It’s All in the Details…

Your migration agent can help your employer through the process should you be applying for an employer sponsored visa. The agent will check that your employer’s documents are in order and all the information provided is correct while helping to take the pressure off them too.

In addition, an agent can certify your documents, which can actually prove beneficial in saving you time and money along the way.

5. Have a Plan B Just in Case

We already mentioned how quickly the migration landscape can shift, so it’s advisable to consider all relevant options rather than only seeing one avenue ahead.
Professional migration agents will be able to counsel you on all available pathways. They will be proficient in identifying the one which is best suited to your situation and make sure that you keep your options open as long as possible, just in case changes to migration rules mean that the main option is no longer a possibility.
Having access to a dedicated migration agent to lead you through the rollercoaster of the migration process can be a great relief, plus it improves your chances of a successful outcome.


TFA Experts have many years of experience and are ready and able to assist you to achieve your migration goals, but remember that an agent’s services don’t come without a fee. But with TFA you will never pay thousands of dollars for something you can do yourself.

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