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Hunt Migration Payment Plans, Proxy Marriages and Citizenship Ceremonies.
Hunt Migration Payment Plans – We had started to ease up on the use of payment plans as unemployment returned to pre-pandemic levels. 

However with the continuing lock-downs around Australia, it is clear the final hardship from COVID has not yet passed and some flexibility is required. We will be retaining our 40 week payments plans until further notice and to meet the impact of lock-downs. 

For those who lose their job as part of a lock-down feel free to contact us to discuss suspension or variations of payments plans if necessary. We cannot always meet all requests but we are certainly willing to try.


Been contacted by two clients this week who have been in an online forum and asked the following question.  “Can they file an offshore prospective marriage visa application and then get married remotely (over the internet or telephone), obtain a marriage certificate from overseas and then change the application to an offshore partner visa?”. I absolutely DO NOT recommend this course of action. Remote marriages (formally known as proxy marriages) are not recognised under Australian law.

Whilst the Department will allow the application to be changed from a 300 to a 309 upon presentation of a marriage certificate, as the 309 then processes and when it is revealed it was a proxy marriage, the application will fail and all fees will be lost.


When you obtain citizenship approval you do not become a citizen until you have taken the pledge. Currently many citizenship ceremonies have been delayed due to lock-downs frustrating many applicants. The Department has not yet returned on online ceremonies as they did last year, so there is no option but to wait. 

Please be advised that if you decide to leave Australia and permanently move offshore before taking the pledge, then your citizenship approval can be revoked. We do see this occur, so please be careful about permanent departures before taking the pledge. 

If you need to depart temporarily for compassionate reasons, this should have no impact on your citizenship proceeding.

As a business that has also been impacted by the pandemic we wish to start re-commercialising areas of the business. As the owners of the business, my wife Michelle and I have made the decision to do two paid appointments a day (strictly enforced) and these appointments will be considered priority appointments and can be scheduled at times convenient to the client and locked into our calendars. We are charging for these appointments as we will both extend our working day by two hours so those who cannot afford to pay are not impacted. You can also book a priority appointment to request us to file a travel exemption on your behalf.

The cost of the appointments will be $100. These appointments allow for a one-hour discussion (strictly enforced) as well as written advice regarding your prospects following the appointment. You will be able to upload any documents you wish to discuss prior to the appointment so they are available during the discussion. The appointments will be conducted through, our DIY Platform.

To find out how easy it is to book a priority appointment on our website click on links below.
Once we receive your booking, we will confirm the appointment through (you will receive a confirmation in the portal and a corresponding email). We will then send you a calendar invitation to the appointment and that time will be locked in. Appointments will only be conducted by myself or my wife Michelle.

We will then conduct the appointment as scheduled.  After the appointment, a written advice will be prepared and uploaded to your account in

For entry and exit exemptions we will confirm receipt and request further documents if needed through the portal. The transaction number for the exemption application will be uploaded in the portal when complete.

We are currently working to automate the booking processes in but this may take a couple of months to test and implement.

We otherwise look further to assisting those who cannot afford payment and we believe the above allows us to continue to do so.

Hunt Migration Payment Plans – By Ken Hunt

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