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DAMA Occupations, Travelling to India, and Visa Concessions
There seems to be some confusion over the article we published last week with regards DAMA occupations in Far North Queensland. These occupations require a sponsoring employer and cannot be used for an independent skilled application. We apologise if our previous article was unclear.


As the pandemic is clearly still with us with the lock-downs and state border closures, Hunt Migration is continuing to offer 40 week interest free payment plans on professional fees. If you are in particular financial distress we are also willing to discuss tailored plans to assist.   There is nothing extra to pay you can just spread fees over a 40 week or agreed extended period.

We receive numerous enquiries with regards to fees payable to the Department of Home Affairs and whether these can be paid by installment. There are only a few visas that allow for part payment upon filing an application (e.g. Subclass 189 NZ Citizen Pathway and subclass 870 Temporary Parent) and unfortunately the Department with otherwise not accept anything other than full payment at the time of filing.

So use our long-term payment plan on professional fees and reserve your funds for the payment of government fees upon filing.


The Government will only now allow travel to India in the following exceptional circumstances;

Critical workers providing assistance to India’s COVID-19 response people traveling in Australia’s national interest people seeking urgent medical treatment for a critical illness that cannot be treated in Australia people traveling due to the death or funeral of a close family member people visiting a close family member who is critically ill people seeking to travel to India to escort an Australian citizen or permanent resident minor back to Australia.

You must be prepared to prove up the exceptional circumstances relied upon.  We recommend obtaining third-party evidence (e.g. Doctor’s letter, death certificate or funeral notices, etc) and supplying this to the Department in the form of a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration. It is important to note that the Australian government will not ensure your repatriation and quarantine will apply upon your return. Vaccination is also available for those traveling in exceptional circumstances as recently announced by the Government.


As we have previously advised the Department has introduced a range of concessions to assist with visa processing and issuance due to the pandemic.  These include being able to have an offshore application granted onshore in certain visa categories as an example.

For Partner and Child visas the concession period commenced on 1 February 2020 and is open.

For Parent visa applicants for offshore applications (subclass 103, 173, and 143), the Applicant must be in Australia on 24 March 2021 to have your visa granted onshore.  This date however is likely to be reassessed.  Please note that there are no bridging visas available if you are onshore with an offshore application so another visa to hold you in Australia is required during the processing period.

If you have filed an onshore Aged Parent or Contributory Aged Parent visa and were outside Australia on 24 March 2021 then your onshore application can be granted whilst offshore.

If you hold a sponsored Subclass 870 visa and were outside Australia on 1 July 2021 your temporary visa has automatically been extended for another 18 months so upon re-entry you are not disadvantaged.  You will receive a notification of your extension from the Department of Home Affairs by the end of August 2021

As a business that has also been impacted by the pandemic we wish to start re-commercialising areas of the business. As the owners of the business, my wife Michelle and I have made the decision to do two paid appointments a day (strictly enforced) and these appointments will be considered priority appointments and can be scheduled at times convenient to the client and locked into our calendars. We are charging for these appointments as we will both extend our working day by two hours so those who cannot afford to pay are not impacted. You can also book a priority appointment to request us to file a travel exemption on your behalf.

The cost of the appointments will be $100. These appointments allow for a one-hour discussion (strictly enforced) as well as written advice regarding your prospects following the appointment. You will be able to upload any documents you wish to discuss prior to the appointment so they are available during the discussion. The appointments will be conducted through, our DIY Platform.

To find out how easy it is to book a priority appointment on our website click on links below.
Once we receive your booking, we will confirm the appointment through (you will receive a confirmation in the portal and a corresponding email). We will then send you a calendar invitation to the appointment and that time will be locked in. Appointments will only be conducted by myself or my wife Michelle.

We will then conduct the appointment as scheduled.  After the appointment, a written advice will be prepared and uploaded to your account in

For entry and exit exemptions we will confirm receipt and request further documents if needed through the portal. The transaction number for the exemption application will be uploaded in the portal when complete.

We are currently working to automate the booking processes in but this may take a couple of months to test and implement.

We otherwise look further to assisting those who cannot afford payment and we believe the above allows us to continue to do so.

DAMA Occupations and other updates – By Ken Hunt

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