18 Aug 21
Hunt Migration Payment Plans, Proxy Marriages and Citizenship Ceremonies.

Today’s post answers our most recent enquiries. What are proxy marriages, and are they recognised? Holding remote citizenship ceremonies – do they count? Hunt Migration Payment Plans, and much more.

4 Aug 21
DAMA Occupations, Travelling to India, and Visa Concessions

Today’s post covers your most requested answers. Travelling to India, what you need to know. DAMA Occupations for Far North Queensland and Visa Concessions.

27 Jul 21
DAMA Occupations Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland is a paradise, but how do you make it a reality? Today’s post covers the last DAMA announcement and the relevant visa criteria.

21 Jul 21
Time for Advice One Hour Priority Sessions

We know that some people have multiple questions, and sometimes all of those questions need answering ASAP. We are now offering one-hour-long advice sessions when you have time-sensitive questions that need answers.  The Agent/Lawyers available for these sessions are Michelle and Ken Hunt, expert migration lawyers who have helped over 16,000 people gain Australian Visas […]

19 Jul 21
Australia and UK Trade Deal

Working Holiday Visas and Agricultural Visas As many of you may have already seen, Australia and the UK have announced an in principle trade agreement. The impact on Australian migration is that UK citizens will be able to apply for working holiday visas up until the age of 35 years.  It also allows for up […]

19 Jul 21
Best Evidence of Relationship Items

Are you in the process of applying for a partner visa? If you are then you’d be familiar with being asked for evidence of relationship. For anyone needing to prove a relationship, we know of a few pieces of evidence that are held in high regard by the Department of Home Affairs. The reason that […]

13 Jul 21
Subclass 189 NZ Citizen Pathway

In line with the budget announcements made earlier this year, the eligibility criteria for the 189 NZ Citizen pathway has changed, making it easier to apply. Now you must show you have earned over $53,900 per annum for three of the last five years, with one of those years being the most recent financial year […]

12 Jul 21
Australian Government Fee Increase

On the 1st of July 2021 all Australian visa and Australian citizenship application fees where increased by the Federal Government and the Department of Home Affairs. Visa fees were increased in line with CPI and thankfully most of the increases were only small, for example partner visas were $7,715 and are now $7,855. Citizenship application […]

7 Jul 21
What is Time for Advice?

Time for Advice is a new Australian immigration advice and resource website that is set to disrupt the industry. At anyone in the world can access budget friendly advice and counsel from expert immigration lawyers with over 20 years experience. There are also DIY migration kits to help provide guidance as you manage your […]

6 Jul 21
Medical Treatment Visas for Dementia Patients

We have recently helped a number of elderly clients suffering from Dementia and in care in Australia remain with their close relatives here. The Department does accept that in these circumstances, where an elderly applicant is in care, it is considered treatment and a medical treatment visa is available. Generally in these circumstances a 10 […]