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1 Sep 21
Latest updates on Relatives in Afghanistan, General Residency Requirement, and more…

The Department of Home Affairs allocates 13,750 spots to the humanitarian program each year. 3,000 of these have been allocated to those currently in Afghanistan and are at risk. The Department has undertaken to process these applications before the end of 2021 as a high priority.

18 Aug 21
Hunt Migration Payment Plans

Hunt Migration Payment Plans – We had started to ease up on the use of payment plans as unemployment returned to pre-pandemic levels.  However with the continuing lock-downs around Australia, it is clear the final hardship from COVID has not yet passed and some flexibility is required. We will be retaining our 40 week payments […]

4 Aug 21
DAMA Occupations

There seems to be some confusion over the article we published last week with regards DAMA occupations in Far North Queensland. These occupations require a sponsoring employer and cannot be used for an independent skilled application. We apologise if our previous article was unclear. FEE-PAYING ARRANGEMENTS As the pandemic is clearly still with us with […]

27 Jul 21
DAMA Occupations Far North Queensland

The Far North Queensland Designated Area Migration Agreement has been expanded to include many more lower-skilled occupations that are in demand. These include occupations like Bar Attendant and supervisor Waiter and supervisor Tour guide Deck Hand Waiter Housekeeper Farm Workers Other hospitality workers. This is a short summary of occupation and the full list and […]