15 Dec 21
Changes to the Queensland Nomination Program

Thinking of living in a paradise state? The new changes to the Queensland Nomination Program make it easier to become a permanent resident. Our video covers the latest changes to the criteria.

9 Dec 21
Updates to the Partner Visa Program & English Language Requirements

This article covers important changes to the Partner Visa program and associated English language requirements.

23 Nov 21
Australian borders are open: Am I eligible?

We’re very excited to announce the Australian borders will open. Find out if your visa is eligible and quarantine requirements per each state.

21 Oct 21
How to manage an Australian Visa Refusal Notice.

If you receive a visa refusal notice whilst inside Australia, then what is known as a Section 48 bar will apply. In today’s post, we cover in detail the Section 48 bar and what to do next.

19 Oct 21
Schedule 3: What it means and how it applies to you?

Schedule 3 under regulations applies an extra set of criteria that you may satisfy when applying for certain visas. If you don’t hold a bridging visa or you’re here unlawfully and do not hold a visa at all, Schedule 3 can be of assistance.

14 Oct 21
What do I do if my visa is refused?

Receiving a refusal notice is often a very stressful and unpleasant experience. In this article, we will walk you through some handy step by step tips to get your visa application back on track.

4 Oct 21
How (and why) lawyers participate in Time for Advice

Experienced advice makes all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application. This post will cover how to ensure you receive the right migration advice and give you more information about why lawyers participate in Time For Advice.

4 Oct 21
Top 10 tips for your Australian visa application

Navigating the migration regulations can be very confusing and a time-consuming process. In our experience, we have developed ten tips that can change the outcome of your application.

1 Sep 21
Latest updates on Relatives in Afghanistan, General Residency Requirement, and more…

Knowing the right time to make an application and the latest updates to regulations can reduce some of the stress associated with the visa application process. In this post, we will cover the latest news about Afghanistan, Citizenship and our Priority Sessions.

25 Aug 21
Latest updates on Citizenship, Agricultural Visas, Prospective Marriage Visas

We will cover key criteria relating to certain visas and the latest updates on Citizenship, Agricultural Visas, and Prospective Marriage in today’s post.