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Ken Hunt

Specialises in Employer Visas

Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, Graduate Diploma Legal Practice
Md.Rahmatullah Munshi Nishat

Specialises in Skilled Visas

Michelle Hunt

Specialises in Family Visas

Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law
hui wang

Specialises in All Australian Visas and Appeals

What people say about us

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I have always managed my own visa applications, but as I got closer to permanent residency the applications got a little more complex.  I know how the system works but just needed a little guidance here and there.  I paid $20 for a answer to a question and a lawyer responded in 30 minutes.

Natali (Brisbane)

S Pearson

I had some previously criminal convictions from when I was very young, but they caused me to fail the character test.  I was given a notice to refuse.  I contact a lawyer from TFA who helped my with some complex submissions and the Department didn’t refuse.  I was quoted $2000.00 by one firm for assistance.  TFA cost me $50.00.

S Pearson (UK)

Gerald Beasley

Do not pay someone else to do your visa application for you.  Most of the work is just putting your data in questionnaires.  These guys quickly help with any questions you have along the way.  I have never had a problem getting a quick response to any issue.


Gerald (Perth)

Sarah Kurt

Did the whole partner visa by myself.  Paid $50 for a full advice from a TFA Lawyer and purchased a DIY Kit from the store.  The kit was great and I only had to ask two questions along the way.  Visa granted in 11 months.


Sarah (unknown)