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Ken Hunt

Immigration Solicitor

Migration Registration number

Legal Practitioner

Specialises in

• Employer Visas
Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws, Graduate Diploma Legal Practice

Ken is a Senior Migration lawyer who has been practising in all areas of Australia Migration law for over 15 years. Having worked on thousands of visa applications, appeals and reviews, Ken has a broad range of knowledge and expertise.

With a prior criminal law background Ken also specialises in character assessments and reviews.

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Agent Reviews

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My question was answered very quickly and the solution offered worked.


Ken is always super quick to respond and the information provided is always on point and helpful.


Very quick and clear answers


The best migration agent u could ever have.


Very quick response, answering all points to our questions.


Thank you Ken for all your time and effort. I feel very privaleged to be able to have a great person that is giving to the community. Its a fantástic idea the TFA and helping so many people!!


Great service and very responsive.


He's really good.


Quick response and very helpful.


Thank you very much